A Profile of Financial Specialist Scott Herckis

Scott HerckisWhenever a business is looking for outside financing to start or grow a business, they almost always know just how difficult and intimidating the first round of financing can be, and they almost invariably ask for help. That was a major motivation for Scott Herckis to create SJH Financial back in 2009; he has a passion for assisting small business owners in making financial decisions that benefit them most. He was also trying to fill a need because it was difficult for small businesses to afford high quality advisory services of the type offered by Scott Herckis and SJH Financial.

What makes Scott Herckis different from many other financial counselors lies in his ability to communicate everything to his clients about every aspect of finance. Scott firmly believes that financial advice is worthless if the target of that advice either doesn’t understand it or has no idea how it benefits them or how to use it. Scott and his firm deliver the best kind of financial expertise available, mixed with a lot of sage wisdom. He doesn’t just tell clients what he thinks they want to hear, or just tell them how to make more. He also explains why they are following the plan and what it means to their overall strategy.